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Samsung Phone Systems

Business Phone Systems and Unified Communications

Samsung has created a way for all employees to stay in touch with enhanced connectivity. Unified communication solutions available on Samsung office phone system can make your business much more efficient.

Key features of Samsung’s Unified Communications are the OfficeServ Communicator which integrates voice, video and instant messaging into the one platform and simplifies your call registry by linking with your Microsoft Outlook contacts list.

Samsung Xchange connects your telephone to your office computer, making you more productive. When a call is received by your telephone, the caller’s telephone number (CLI) is displayed on your screen in a small, discreet, notification window. Samsung Xchange also connects to your company’s CRM database/application and looks up the name of the caller in the database for you and displays it.

Using OfficeServ Unified Communications and office phone systems, Samsung allows your employees, colleagues, external suppliers and clients to stay connected and conduct business with convenience and reliability, so install your new unified communications business phone system today.


Samsung Xchange

Samsung Xchange connects your telephone to your office computer, making you more productive.

Get the Samsung Xchange Competitive Advantage!

In a competitive market place improved customer service is key to maintaining a competitive advantage. Samsung Xchange connects your telephone to your office computer, making you more productive. Samsung Xchange supports over 20+ of CRM Applications right out of the box, providing seamless integration for your users and your business.

Screen Pops

Samsung Xchange connects to your company’s CRM database and looks up the name of the caller in the CRM database and ‘screen pops’ inbound callers details. The caller’s telephone number (CLI) is displayed on your screen in a small, discreet, notification window. This allows you to know who’s calling even before answering the phone, and you can also quickly and easily dial from your CRM application – saving you valuable time during the call.

Call Control

Using Samsung Xchange, you can completely control our handset from your PC. Make calls and pick up calls that are ringing, hang up calls, forward calls, put calls on hold and transfer calls. You can also use the buttons on the ‘screen pop’ notification window to answer the call, or to bring up the caller’s record in the CRM application.


Samsung Xchange allows you to view a customisable, quick-searchable list presence status of colleagues, including whether they are in DND, out of the office, in a meeting, busy or only available by e-mail or Instant Messaging (IM).

Instant Messaging

This feature gives you an alternative way to communicate with your colleagues. Your messages are linked so you can use the message history to view your conversations. You can open multiple chat windows and send messages to several recipients simultaneously. Your messages are saved so you can use the message history to review your conversations. Messages can be sent from both the Main Window and the Messages window.

Being productive has never been easier, Samsung Xchange also provides the following features:

  • Click to Dial – Employees can make outgoing calls to customers or other contacts by clicking on their names
  • A detailed call history to see at a glance who you have been calling and called by, no more lost calls
  • Dial from anywhere – Web pages, Microsoft applications and most database applications
  • Google Places Integration
  • Social Networking – LinkedIn, Facebook, Myspace, Xing
  • Multisite support


Event Handling

Event handling enables the software to show the Phone window, pop the contact or launch a bespoke program or website when a phone rings or is answered. Version 2.3 extends this functionality by providing options for a bespoke program or URL to pop on the state of “completed” or “missed” call. The event can also differentiate between “inbound” and “outbound” calls and “external” and “internal” calls.

Finally a “custom” button can be added to the preview window allowing a user to control application popping in the same way as for standard integrated applications.

64 bit Outlook

Integration with Outlook offers features such as “popping” an Outlook contact record, synchronising with the Outlook Calendar and searching Outlook contacts from the shared address book. Samsung Xchange now supports 64 bit Outlook in addition to the 32 bit version supported in previous releases.

Voicemail Indication

Samsung Xchange provides a visual indication in the PC system tray when an unread voicemail message has been left on the voicemail system. Hovering over the icon in the system tray will reveal the number of unread messages.

Google Places Integration

Samsung Xchange’s Google Directory integrates into the centralised address book to provide contact searches in the Address book, and call previewing.

Samsung Xchange Google Directory Integration gives localized results depending on your location.

Multiple Site Support

Samsung Xchange support a maximum of 8 sites or 1000 users. Extensions across sites must be unique, and a PBX Licence is required for each connected site.

Centralised Address Book

The Address Book feature on Samsung Xchange allows you to search all your CRM databases simultaneously, as well as storing an internal shared list of contacts that are not in any of your CRM databases. From the search results, you can dial, email, or open the contact in your CRM application to see more information.

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