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Samsung Mobile Extension – One Number Access

Samsung has made it possible to conduct business while away from the office with ease and precision. Using Samsung Mobex you are now able to stay connected to your office and remain connected to all important dealings by linking your mobile phone to your office telephone system.

Samsung Mobex allow you liberation from your office while maintaining your connectivity and accessibility.

Mobile staff also have the option to have a softphone application on their Samsung smartphones or tablets, the Samsung Galaxy, Samsung Galaxy tablet or use other Android smartphones or tablets with all the functionality of their desk phone whilst they are mobile.


OfficeServ Mobex

Introduced in the new Version 4.30 software release for the OfficeServ 7000 series of systems, the OfficeServ Mobex application provides for improved connectivity in your working life.

Mobility is more about connectivity, being in contact, than it is about moving around on the phone. In today’s competitive business environment being properly ‘connected’ is more important than it’s ever been.

The Samsung OfficeServ Mobex application enables you to set a personal virtual ring group of up to 5 alternative numbers (mobile phone, home office, alternate office, workshop, etc.) which will simultaneously ring when you are away from your main phone.

You will remain always in contact, and will never miss that important call again. The Mobex application allows you to make and receive calls from your mobile through the OS 7000 System as if you were at your desk. Managing calls through the system allows you to maintain the central benefits of call control, operator console, voice mail, call recording, etc.

The key in all this is that contacts can reach you via one ­single number.

The OfficeServ Mobex Feature set is available in Version 4.3 of the software and can be supplied on all members of the OfficeServ 7000 range.

The Samsung OfficeServ Mobex application is delivered in two variants – Standard and Executive.


Wireless IP Handsets

Samsung wireless mobility solutions takes office telephony into new areas, giving your staff complete freedom to move around the office, while still being able to take and make calls. With interruption free handover between base stations, your staff can roam over large industrial, retail office or hospitality complexes and remain in constant contact.

Samsung OfficeServ wireless IP handsets will liberate you from the confines of your office. It will also provide you with significant cost efficiency with its ability to remove unnecessary cabling and maintenance through the qualified voice data service of IP & WLAN.

High Level Feature Integration
Features of phone system are seamlessly extended to the wireless handset securely and effortlessly.

Excellent Voice Quality
Guaranteed priority for voice IP packets.

Easy System Configuration & Programming
Changing settings can be done simply and easily via a handset or networked PC.

Large Area Coverage
Supports an unlimited number of Wireless Access Points.

Investment Protection
Continue to use your wireless handsets and access points if you migrate to a large Samsung OfficeServ platform.

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