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Samsung Phone Systems

SAMSUNG OfficeServ CTI provides you with a link between two previously seperate systems, your telephone system and you PC, utilising the full power of both. OfficeServ CTI improves the way your organisation communicates – externally and internally, desktop to desktop, by phone, email and fax.


OfficeServ Operator

A receptionist is often a customer’s first point of contact in an organisation, and making a positive, professional first impression is imperative for customer satisfaction. OfficeServ Operator is an easy to use PC-based console specifically designed for frontline staff (operators) so that they can handle high volume call traffic as smoothly as possible. OfficeServ Operator works in conjunction with the Samsung OfficeServ handset. For businesses with multiple locations, the multi-site operator when used with Samsung’s network protocol allows a centralised operator to manage calls for the enterprise. This maximises efficiency and reduces staff costs with no loss of customer service.

Key features

  • Easy to navigate graphical user interface (GUI)
  • Control calls from the desktop
  • Use either mouse or keyboard shortcuts for flexible and intuitive call control
  • Display the status of each extension on the system with the Busy Lamp Field display
  • Review extension information across the entire system, such as call forwarding set, number of unread voicemail and absence messages
  • Create and view customised BLF in groups within your organisation, e.g. Sales, Support, Accounts

Process calls faster and more efficiently

  • Determine the number of calls waiting and identify the callers at a glance
  • Use simple drag and drop mouse operations and keyboard shortcuts to speed up call processing
  • Redirect recognised calls instantly to the destination without having to answer the call

Provide professional and personalised service for callers

  • Use caller information to answer calls according to indials or caller ID
  • Transfer calls directly to a recipients voice mailbox
  • View staff availability and messages set by staff using OfficeServ Easyset


OfficeServ ACD Call Centre

Samsung OfficeServ ACD Call Centre is specifically tailored for mid sized organisations or corporate departments requiring a sophisticated customer interaction management solution for 10 to 100 agents. It is designed to enhance customer service levels, lower call abandonment rates, increase staff productivity and accountability.

Key features

  • Single point intuitive web-based administration
  • Simple agent toolbar with performance indicators
  • Multiple queues, each uniquely configurable
  • Queue prioritisation and skill based routing
  • Customisable completion codes and agent break reasons
  • Real time monitoring, call tracking and historical reporting
  • Soft wallboard and text messaging facility
  • Remote agent support
  • On demand voice recording for legal or training purposes
  • Text to speech capability (Ability to speak a line of text to callers)

Intelligent Routing
OfficeServ ACD Call Centre intelligently prioritises and manages all incoming calls by ensuring each customer is answered by the most appropriate skilled agent. Callers can also be routed to their preferred agent by applying rules on their caller line identification (CLI), direct dial inward (DDI), or by using custom announcement features to allow users to direct their call.

Anywhere Administration
ACD Supervisor uses the latest web technology to administer all aspects of your call centre. The easy to use interface makes setting up and managing call routing, queue settings, agent assignments and other system parameters a simple click of the mouse.

Live Feedback
Whether you are the manager, team leader or agent, our dedicated wallboard, live web monitoring systems and personal agent performance indicators will constantly keep you up to date with real time call centre activity that is important to you.

Scaleable Modular Solution
Lets you choose components that match your operational and budgetary requirements, plus the flexibility to add more modules with additional functionality as and when required.

Call Recording
For security or quality control purposes, all calls taken via Agents can be recorded on demand and stored for retrieval and playback at a later date.


OfficeServ IP Softphone

Every time you leave the office, irrespective of distance or geographical location, you can have the comfort and functionality of your office phone right there on your PC, laptop or PDA*. OfficeServ IP Softphone is a PC-based application for mobile professionals and telecommuters that provides full handset and telephony functionality at the click of a button without the need for a physical phone. Softphone users can log in from home, interstate or overseas across a broadband connection and simulate their office environment with full telephony functionality.

Key Features

  • Utilise entire OfficeServ handset telephony functionality with access to direct indial calls, internal calls, voicemail, personal and system directories
  • Use point and click operation
  • Operate with a headset/USB phone
  • Application window has 3 views to allow users to minimise desktop clutter
  • Access the video^ facility included as standard (NB webcam required)

Work smarter and increase productivity

  • Access enterprise communications remotely
  • Display up to 99 buttons with an add on module feature, sufficient for programming busy lamp fields, feature access or speed dial keys
  • Create a better connected, more integrated mobile workforce
  • Avoid the expensive costs associated with hotel communications and mobile charges, especially when travelling overseas

* PDA versions is only compatible on Windows Mobile Operating Systems
^ For OfficeServ Softphone video operation across the public internet, a VPN or equivalent is required.


OfficeServ Dataview

Ideal for call centre environments and organisations requiring reporting, OfficeServ Dataview provides statistical reports, real time monitoring and scheduled reports on the call traffic of a Samsung OfficeServ system using a web-based user interface. OfficeServ Dataview provides high level integration with the OfficeServ Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) system, and includes detailed monitoring and reporting on Queues, Agents and Trunks, plus a comprehensive selection of data that meets most call centre requirements – Total Calls, Calls Answered, Abandoned Calls, Talk Time and Average Wait Time.

Key Features

  • Personalise Wallboards showing agent statistics and call queue statistics
  • Access 15 different live reports to monitor trunks, stations, call centre, operator and VM/AA activity
  • Access over 40 statistical reports on trunks, stations, voicemail, call centre and operator group statistics Schedule reports for daily, weekly or monthly statistics
  • Set up automatic emailing of scheduled reports to managers and supervisors
  • Access graphical views of historical and real time reports
  • Export/print reports and graphs to Excel with one click
  • Centralised storage and reporting for multiple OfficeServ systems (max. 8)

Monitor customer satisfaction levels

  • See the real time status of call centre queues and agents
  • Create personalised Wallboards showing number of calls waiting, available agents and abandoned calls
  • Apply thresholds on Wallboard fields to display alerts, e.g. an excessive amount of calls in a queue would be highlighted in red allowing supervisors to manage the volume by logging in more agents
  • Measure call centre staff performance, especially that of trainees, and maintain quality control


OfficeServ Manager

OfficeServ Manager is the main configuration tool for Samsung OfficeServ systems and includes an administration mode and a supervisor mode. Administration mode allows System Managers or other authorised users to configure the elements of the system that directly affect users, such as station names, passwords, ring types and a range of other parameters. The supervisor mode is used during installation and maintenance, and allows complete access to all of the system configuration details, without the need to call a service technician.

Key Features

  • Make simple, everyday changes to your OfficeServ system without the need to contact your communication systems provider
  • Allows better control and easy management of communication resources using its Administration application
  • Access the configuration database of the OfficeServ system
  • Upgrade the software located on the system’s flash memory card or make backups of the system configuration files
  • Set up different access levels to avoid unauthorised programming of sensitive areas
  • Available as a PC application or in a web based version

Streamline business operations and reduce costs

  • Make simple changes in-house, e.g. OfficeServ handset names, call forwards and speed dial
  • Control your OfficeServ system by making changes in real time
  • Remotely program, upgrade and diagnose your OfficeServ system, and eliminate the need for an engineer to visit your premise, guaranteeing you the best backup support no matter where your organisation is located
  • For multisite organizations, administer all your systems from a central location


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