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Conferencing Solutions

With increased pressure on businesses to compete while managing expenses, managers must look to alternative ways of bring team members, customers and business partners together. Creating environments where staff can quickly and efficiently create collaborate and share information through voice and video conferencing can improve not only customer service but your bottom line performance.

Conferencing is an imperative communication and productivity tool that delivers real and effective bottom line benefits. Ensuring that your business is equipped to handle voice and video conferences is key to improving your customer service experience and to reducing your operational costs.

Samsung Communications is able to provide fit for purpose conferencing solutions that leverage the latest technologies in voice and video. Contact us today to find out more or visit our download centre for brochures and more information on Samsung’s OfficeServ conferencing solutions.



Vidyo has steadily gained industry recognition, attracted prestigious partners and customers from a variety of global markets, and earned the sought-after moniker of “technology disruptor” from media and analysts alike. The company continues to lead industry innovation by driving video communication to its full potential. Vidyo continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in video communication and collaboration anytime, anywhere on any device connected to the Internet and wireless networks.

Everything You Need for Scalable and Affordable HD Video Conferencing

At last, multipoint video conferencing that is natural, universally available and affordable. The VidyoRouter™ architecture delivers low latency, high definition video conferencing over general data networks and the Internet, using off-the-shelf devices. Vidyo’s architecture dynamically optimises video quality to the network and to the capabilities of individual endpoint devices in order to deliver telepresence-quality experiences for each participant. Vidyo provides all this and more, at a fraction of the cost of alternatives.

VidyoRouter™ VidyoRouter
Built specifically for the Internet, VidyoRouter™ intelligently delivers HD multipoint conferencing via efficient video routing, while preserving video quality with built-in error resilience and imperceptible latency. Replace legacy video conferencing only available in custom rooms with natural, face-to-face communication that’s best for everyone and available anywhere, with Vidyo™.
VidyoPortal™ VidyoPortal
Intuitive web-based, multi-tenant application makes life easier for everyone. Administrators can centrally configure, manage and scale the VidyoConferencing™ system, including endpoints, infrastructure and licenses. Credentialed users can set preferences, invite guests, control conferences and interact with the system from any device, anywhere, anytime.
VidyoReplay™ VidyoReplay™ – Video Conference Recording & Webcasting Solution
An easy way to capture Vidyo™ conferences for those who are unable to attend, or to webcast for those applications where full interactivity isn’t required for all participants.
VidyoGateway™ VidyoGateway™ – Video Conferencing Interoperability Solution
Integrate advanced VidyoConferencing™ with existing H.323 or SIP based video conferencing infrastructure. Leverage existing investments in traditional conferencing systems while migrating to a future-proof architecture that enables universal video conferencing among rooms, desktops and mobile devices.
End Points
VidyoPanorama VidyoPanorama
A personal telepresence experience with immersive interactions at 10% of the cost of traditional systems.
VidyoRoom VidyoRoom
Get stunning HD-quality and a telepresence experience without the expense of custom room and dedicated network build-outs.
VidyoDesktop VidyoDesktop
Transform desktop and laptop PCs and Macs into on-demand HD video conferencing systems, and eliminate the need for expensive proprietary hardware endpoints.
VidyoMobile™ VidyoMobile™ Experience HD multipoint video conferencing and video collaboration while on the road or where anywhere 3G/4G mobile data service is available.


OfficeServ Conference Bridge

The OfficeServ Conference Bridge provides a fully featured voice conferencing solution for up to 24 simultaneous parties that expands upon the in-built 5 party conference capability on the OfficeServ 7000 range of systems.

OfficeServ Conference Bridge is compatible with the OS7200S, OS7200 and OS7400 systems. Each module will support up to 24 conference channels, either in one conference or multiple smaller conferences. Conferences can be recorded with the on-board recording facility that has a recording capacity of 50 hours and also can record up to 6 conferences simultaneously.

3 Types of conference supported:

  • Ad-Hoc

    The Ad-Hoc conference is as its name suggests not premeditated. The person setting up the conference; the conference supervisor, dials the individual participants to the conference and then connects all members together.

  • Meet-Me*

    A Meet-Me conference is reserved in advance; participants then dial in on a pre-set number and are greeted by the system. A welcome greeting is played followed by a prompt to enter a conference PIN code from their phone. When the correct code is dialled the participant is connected to the conference. The Meet-Me conference is initiated by the conference leader, by using the web interface, this reserves a conference room for the right number of people and sends each participant an e-mail with the conference number, start time, duration and access number. The processes are automated and simplified from within the Conference Bridge.

    All participants will dial in on the specified number at the set time, enter their details and wait, when the conference organiser joins, the conference will start and the speech paths between all participants will be opened up.

    * Meet me conference is not supported on analogue trunks

  • Pre-Defined

    This is a more rigid and pre-programmed conference to the Meet-Me. A number of conference groups are pre-configured in the system. Up to 100 groups can be programmed, each with a maximum of 23 members. This allows for a simple and quick set up of a regular conference. When the conference is initiated by the supervisor all members are called simultaneously by the system and added to the conference.


Conferencing is becoming an important business tool, the ability to quickly and efficiently set up audio conferences to keep team members up to date with information can often make a big difference. At best out-of-date information is useless, often it is damaging.

The Conference Module enables your OS7200 and OS7400 system to provide this conferencing functionality and give you total control of who is using it and when, also by not using an expensive hosted dial-in service, costs are in your direct control.

Big system functionality small system cost is our philosophy, why should large corporations have access to all these beneficial tools for doing business.

Samsung has successfully developed many applications that have all the required functionality but are scalable so that small groups of users can cost effectively deploy highly functional applications normally associated with big corporations and high costs.

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