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Quick Specs:
Samsung GALAXY S5

Samsung GALAXY S5

It’s as if the Samsung GALAXY S5 was designed for all your business needs. Slightly bigger than its predecessor, it comes with a larger screen and textured back that’ll look the part on any boardroom table. Aesthetics aside, downloads and accessing the internet happen at lightning speed due to the faster processor and 4G technology.

But it’s the security features, tougher exterior and improved battery life that really set it apart, which are featured below. The 16 megapixel camera comes with some cool new features. For fitness lovers there’s S Health, the fitness software that includes a heart rate monitor, the first smartphone to do so.

Fingerprint security

The fingerprint scanner uses your fingerprint as a unique identifier to unlock the phone. Your fingerprint can also be used for mobile payments via the PayPal™ app.

One tough customer

Water and dust resistant, the GALAXY S5 doesn’t shy away from hard work. So if you’re on the road or working outdoors, you can be confident it’s got your back.

Superior battery life

The Ultra Power Saving Mode disables power hungry features and can stretch just 10% of battery life for almost 24 hours, making it perfect for emergency situations.

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