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Panasonic Communication Assistant

The Panasonic Communication Assistant productivity software suite is a highly intuitive unified communications (UC) solution that provides office staff with business tools to improve user and team productivity.

The Panasonic Communication Assistant software blends easy point-and-click telephony together with staff presence, availability, Microsoft Outlook integration, visual voice messaging and a variety of collaboration tools to simplify and enhance real-time communications for business telephony users.

The Communication Assistant (CA) Operator Console application provides company receptionists with a powerful tool for easy call-handling, improving efficiency and customer service.  CA Operator Console displays information about a caller on the PC screen even before the operator takes the call, making it easier for operators to prioritise incoming calls so important customers are never kept waiting. Operators can quickly view presence and availability of all work colleagues – either in a list or in a department view – allowing them to decide how best to transfer or process calls.

The software can be deployed either in serverless mode or together with Communication Assistant server, providing added functionality for small to medium businesses. Depending on the type of users and the set of features required, the Communication Assistant UC clients can be run in three different modes:

The Communication Assistant Basic Express provides point-and-click telephony and is ideal for the occasional user who wants basic unified communications functionality and basic presence information on colleagues’ availability.

The Communication Assistant Professional provides intuitive point-and-click telephony, integration with Microsoft Outlook and real-time presence indication. It is ideal for professionals who require real-time presence information on colleagues’ availability.

The Communication Assistant Supervisor helps supervisors to easily monitor and manage telephony activities of group members, and is ideal for team leaders, managers and those working in a help desk or small call-centre.

Companies using the optional advanced KX-TVM Voice Messaging solution can allow Communication Assistant users to visually manage their voicemails with VoiceMail (VM) Assistant. VM Assistant module allows Unified Messaging functionality – allowing users to access, manage and retrieve voice messages visually on their PC, in any order. Users can listen to the messages on either their desk phone or on their PC and even download messages to their PC for forwarding to any work colleague via email.

Panasonic Communication Assistant productivity software is supported on the following Panasonic phone systems: KX-TDE600AL, KX-TDE200AL, KX-NCP500AL and KX-NCP1000AL.

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