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Managed Services

AIM Communications Managed IT Services are designed to deliver our clients exceptional support and network management, for a predictable monthly investment. Our Managed Service solution helps you to manage your IT cost, asset lifecycle, and capacity planning, allowing you to predict your annual IT spend with razor sharp accuracy, and budget accordingly.


By putting the day-to-day management of your IT infrastructure in our expert hands, you can get back to growing, innovating, and differentiating yourself from your competitors, confident in the fact that your IT infrastructure will keep up.


AIM Communications provides a complete and comprehensive managed service covering all aspects of business IT. We deliver to our clients a predictable monthly spend, whilst offering all-encompassing support and management. Our Managed Services are designed and governed by best practice, and include important controls through reporting and service level management.


Key Benefits


Do you know what your IT bill will be next year?

AIM Communications can deliver true fixed fee management of your entire network, including remote workers and branch offices. We can also manage the lifecycle of all of your IT assets, and assist with capacity planning.
What this equates to for your business is the ability to predict IT spend with razor sharp accuracy, including current maintenance and future capital expenditure, and budget accordingly.


The blame game, a thing of the past.

How many times have you been told by your IT support that the application doesn’t work because of a vendor problem, only to be told by the vendor that the problem is actually the way it was configured by your IT support.
AIM Communications has strong partnerships with many IT vendors, and facilitates vendor management for you. When there is a problem that requires interaction with vendor support, we engage the vendor on your behalf. In some cases, because of our strong partnerships, we have access to higher levels of support within these vendors and can solve the problem quicker than if you were to engage with them yourself.


We are rewarded when your IT systems run smoothly, not when you have a problem.

Are you paying for IT support every time you have a problem? The longer your IT problem lasts, the more it costs? How long does it take for your current IT support to fix a problem? Is it in their best interest to fix it quicker?
With AIM Communications Managed Services, you pay a flat monthly fee in exchange for total support of your IT systems. This paradigm shift means that we are not rewarded when something breaks, and we need to fix it, we are rewarded when we proactively intervene before problems occur. We are rewarded when you don’t have problems.
We shoulder the costs of making sure your network runs smoothly, not you.


Security, Anti-Virus, and Backup monitoring

Making sure that security and anti-virus updates are applied, and that backups are working as expected are some of the most critical yet time consuming parts of robust network management.
AIM Communications Network Operations Centre makes sure that all of these bases are covered by monitoring and flagging any of these items that deviate from the network policy. Once an item is flagged, it is automatically assigned to a technician, and resolved before it causes problems.


IT that “just works”

It’s the goal of every business to have a smooth sailing IT system that “just works”, an IT that doesn’t distract staff with faults and downtime, an IT system that keeps up with the business, and doesn’t hold it back.
AIM Communications can deliver you an efficient effective network, manage the lifecycle of your IT assets, and assist with capacity planning.

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